Pension U Johanky

Pension U Johanky is located in the historic center of the royal city of Kadaň on the street Jana Švermy 17 at the Gothic tower Mikulovická gate, also called Svatá. The house from the 16th century with a beautiful cellar and many interesting layouts has gone through an often turbulent history that still radiates from the stones inserted into the walls by the then masters. For generations it belonged to the Thumsecker family, which gave Kadaň several wise mayors. A popular apartment guesthouse with a café was built here in the 1990s by Mrs. RNDr. Klímová, who operated it until 2019, when she began to take a well-deserved rest. The new owners and operators, Mr. and Mrs. Dufek, in collaboration with renowned designers, artists and craftsmen, carried out an extensive technological and stylish refresh so that it could better meet the demanding clients who will appreciate the genius loci. Attention was paid to the smallest details, from the use of authentic materials and craftsmanship to the equipment with original restored historical furniture. However, this is not a „museum“. Everything is sensitively coordinated with modern elements and technologies providing the required comfort.


is provided in eleven rooms or apartments with different numbers of bedrooms with a total capacity of 32 beds.

Single bed room - 975 Kč

Double bed room - 1450 Kč

Double apartment - 1950 Kč

Four-bed apartment - 2200 Kč

Feel the atmosphere of the historic town of Kadaň.

The café

The café is located on the ground floor. Breakfast, light snacks and something sweet are served here during the day. The experience of the atmosphere and of the place itself is qualitatively enhanced by the coffee barista La Marzocco. There is also a piano, where you can participate in the musical coloring of unique moments.

Especially on summer days, two outdoor seating areas are valued at the café, where not only cyclists can enjoy draft craft beers from First Civic Brewery in Chomutov – Karásek and Stülpner.

The first outdoor seating

The first outdoor seating at the north-eastern wall of the Mikulovická gate tower is oriented into the park design of Studentské náměstí with a fountain, summer cultural space, a statue of Joseph II. and many more for spending pleasant moments.

The second outdoor seating

The second outdoor seating at the south-eastern wall of the Mikulovická gate tower is oriented to the beautifully reconstructed historic street of Jana Švermy with vibrant life, restaurants, a patisserie, many other shops and a view of Mírové náměstí.

The reception

The reception on the ground floor of the house offers from 8:00 to 20:00 in addition to standard services such as copying, scanning or printing, also a small sale of souvenirs and flowers.


Pension and outdoor seating areas are covered by a signal with strength of 30Mbps.

Sales gallery in the house

Sales gallery in the house. Among other, independently organized art exhibitions, you can draw a positive atmosphere from the permanent exhibition of works of modern conception of naive romanticism presented by Jana Palánová, characterized by ease, optimism and playfulness. Jana herself has a very deep personal relationship with the house, as her grandmother lived in it in the last century. She told her a lot about the house, old Kadaň and its surroundings.

The cellar

The cellar of the house with the vaulted hall, its gothic atmosphere and stable climate directly become a cellar for winemakers. The second generation of the Němeček wine family, Lukáš and Kristýna, do not just run a wine shop here. Here, wine is born directly from their vineyards. Here it lies. Here it is tasted.  Here the wine lives.

The drugstore

The drugstore is located on the ground floor in a separate section of the house. In addition to its range, together with other establishments, it maintains a natural, vibrant life in the historic center of Kadaň, thus protecting it from the creation of a mere historical open-air museum.

Lunch and dinner

Penzion u Johanky is right next to two quality restaurants – on one side with the restaurant Bílý beránek and on the other with the restaurant U Karla IV. Both, in addition to quality gastronomy, also offer outdoor seating. In addition to those already mentioned, there is also a bakery with seating on the street, as well as fast food restaurants such as a pizzeria or kebab. On Mírové náměstí you will find other businesses, for example the Beer Restaurant with a dynamically changing offer of beer specialties.

Car parking

Upon arrival, it is possible to arrive from the side of Studentské náměstí and stop directly at the house. After that, however, it is necessary to park a few tens of meters further on some of the designated public parking spaces. There are plenty of parking spaces nearby, they are free and secure. We haven’t seen any security incidents in recent years.

Parking for bicycles and motorcycles. The pension, on the side of Student Square, has a small courtyard that can be used as a covered parking space suitable for bicycles or a small number of motorcycles.

Mikulovická Gate

Genius loci is completed by the magical Gothic tower of the Mikulovická Gate, also called holy, where guided tours take place. If you are interested, we will find out the date of the next tour and arrange tickets.

Interesting underground

According to witnesses the old Kadaň is interlaced with several floors of interconnected cellars. During the reconstruction and cleaning of the basement of the house we came across something. While uncovering a blinded and buried staircase, we discovered something we initially mistaken for an old safe. This encouraged us a lot, but then we found out that we were even luckier. The gradual discovery proved that these were legendary and long-lost stoves of the Thumsecker family, in which fire was still burning, even though no one had added wood in them for centuries. According to legend, the life in the house is good as long as this fire is burning in them. We left the stove as it was, half-walled and half-buried in its place. We didn’t want to tempt fate. You can see for yourself the truth of the legend and how people live in the house, and you can also see by appointment that the fire is still burning in them.